MEI EASITRAX® Advance 5000

Give Your Machines a Voice™ with the EASITRAX® Advance 5000™ telemeter. This latest telemeter from MEI will support online, offline and cashless capabilities to give your machines a bigger voice at the point of sale.

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    The Advance 5000 is a scalable, modular device that gives operators a choice for cashless connectivity. It includes the capability to talk over Verizon's CDMA network and AT&T's 2G & 3G networks. Operators will have the option to communicate in WAN or eventual wired Ethernet configurations. Connectivity choices like these provide operators the flexibility to seek the best data rates and provide coverage solutions for locations where signals are poor or not accessible.

    The Advance 5000 works with Apriva® and other gateways, to give operators the choice to select a back-end provider that meets their card processing and reporting criteria. It's even designed to support two-tier pricing which helps mitigate rising transaction fees.

    The Advance 5000 is the communication platform for full-line machine telemetry with MEI EASITRAX Advance. Dual IP and APN (access point network) capabilities allow both cashless and telemetry communications to be directed independently from the Advance 5000, providing an additional layer of data security. The MEI cashless solution with the Advance 5000 paired with any MEI cashless bezel has PCI- DSS certification, the highest level of security for cashless transactions.


    The MEI hardware solution for full-line telemetry is the Advance 5000. But the MEI technology roadmap is not an all online solution. For those full-line machines that are solid telemetry candidates, operators can simply add a communication module to the base telemeter to enable remote monitoring. Once a machine is selected, operators will be able to choose to configure in a WAN network to maximize communication economies of scale. With the Advance 5000, operators can look to leverage the next release in the EASITRAX vending management software suite, EASITRAX Advance, along with EASITRAX Core, to take their full-line machines on-line. With this solution, you'll have a more up to date picture of how to schedule your routes and when to visit your machines.


    For those machines that are not online canidates,the Advance 5000 provides an alternative solution. In future months, the Advance 5000 Offline Data Recorder (ODR) feature will be released. The ODR will intelligently query offline machines between operator visits and record the machine's daily granular sales and alarm data. This more granular set of data enhances the predictive modeling output generated from the combined MEI EASITRAX Advance and Core software solution. Operators will benefit from improved operational efficiencies and increased cash flow from subsequent inventory reductions, improved customer satisfaction and higher sales volumes. The device is highly configurable so operators may choose the time intervals they wish to record.

Product Highlights

  • 3- button interface and LED lights provide users feedback at the machine
  • Improved self diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Locable cable connecters and strong product durablity
  • Peripheral Connectivity Choices
  • Easy to remove SIM cards and communication modules
  • Supports NAMA VDI to server standards
  • Robust, wizard based service tools