MEI Cash & Credit Solution

Enable consumers to pay with cash, credit cards, debit cards, or MEI coupons.  Pairs the MEI series 2000 combo acceptor with the MEI EASITRAX® remote data port. 


The MEI cash and credit solution is the first turnkey solution that enables consumers to choose among several payment options including cash, credit cards, debit cards, and MEI coupons. This solution pairs the MEI series 2000 combo acceptor with the MEI EASITRAX® remote data port, which links your vending machines and manages transactions through an efficient and effective communication network. When combined with an MEI approved financial services provider, the turnkey solution is complete.

And when utilized with MEI EASITRAX® vending management software, the system performs remote monitoring and curbside polling, eliminating the first walk to the machine.

*** Please note that the MEI bezel must be connected to an additional device for processing credit cards.  Please contact us for further details and ordering information.

  • Increases consumer choice and satisfaction
    • Accepts credit cards, debit cards (Visa/MasterCard), cash and MEI coupons
    • Easy to cancel a transaction with the touch of one button
  • Increases sales and site retention with more payment options
    • MEI generic and custom coupons allow for flexible programs at customer site
  • Operates virtually anywhere
    • Installs in existing VN2512 mountings
    • Operates over full vending temperature range in bright light to dark locations
    • Resists debris, including dust, dirt and the insertion of coins
    • Armored bezel features tough, chrome-steel design
  • Flexible communications network
    • Capable of linking up to 32 machines together, managing transactions in varying environments through an efficient wireless communication network
    • Secure network communications
  • Installs easily with minimal training
    • T-harness cables make installation simple and safe
    • Software uploads to flash memory quickly and easily
    • Drivers can be trained in under one hour
  • Additional options
    • Combine MEI EASITRAX® remote data port with MEI EASITRAX® vending management software for first walk elimination (curbside polling) and dynamic scheduling and machine reconciliation