MEI Cashflow® Series 7000 Coin Manager

For the past 35 years, coin changers have basically housed, accepted and dispensed change. With the MEI CASHFLOW® series 7000, MEI has created an entirely new product category: the "Coin Manager." Now, operators can maximize sales and minimize costs.

How? MEI CASHFLOW® series 7000 is the only Coin Manager with a unique combination of design and "smart" technology, which together, result in increased site retention, operator efficiency and bottom-line profit.

What makes it a Coin Manager?

MEI CASHFLOW® series 7000 is not just focused on accepting and paying out coins. As the industry's first coin manager, it combines traditional coin acceptance and changer functions with tracking and diagnostic abilities. These new design and management features give you the tools and business information you need to better manage your cash and increase your profits.

In short, MEI CASHFLOW® series 7000 is smart.

➤ Advanced features make the par/change fund process simpler, faster and more accurate
➤ Direct audit reads exact contents of coin tubes
➤ Par management and change override optimize coin levels to minimize exact change conditions
➤ LED display and Smart Menu provides front-line at-machine diagnostics ➤ Industry's only flexible five-tube changer with complete tube replenishment
➤ Sonar technology "reads" the amount of change in each tube and displays tube total in real-time
➤ Plus, it's really easy to use Amazing? That's just the beginning…