MEI AE2800 Bill Validator

The MEI AE2800 accepts all bill denominations from $1 to $100 and is available in both upstacker and downstacker configurations.

MEI AE 2800 series Bill Validator Product Features

Fewer Hassles, More Transactions
Ultra low jam rates and easy acceptance make MEI's AE2800 a user-friendly product – one your customers can count on. The unit handles $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills for more transactions, improved customer satisfaction, and higher profits for operators.

High-end Security & Value
Multi-wavelength optics and sophisticated data processing combine for exceptional security and value. Fully-encased, optical sensors ensure consistent, high-quality recognition-long an MEI hallmark.

MEI's Revolutionary Application Programming Interface
Available exclusively to retail customers, this CD ROM makes it fast and easy to integrate the AE2800 bill acceptor into PC-based kiosks, self-checkout systems, and other unattended sales centers. Click here for more information.

Easy Acceptance Up or Down, Old or New
Due to easy four-way acceptance, AE2800 is available as an Up- or Downstacker. Customers needn’t flip or turn bills prior to inserting them. Plus, Series 2000 models take torn, wrinkled, faded, and even dirty bills. It's easier for people to spend money in MEI bill acceptors – and that means higher revenues at your retail, vending and amusement operations.

The "In Service" Bill Acceptor
Designed for low maintenance, the model's smooth, streamlined bill path has no magnetic pinch rollers to cause debris build-up. Service calls for bill jams and vandalism are rare, and the acceptor signals users that it's operating correctly.

Time Saving Set Up & Compatibility
Series 2000 bill acceptors feature convenient access to switches and easy-to-read labels. You can customize operation with a single switch configuration coupon. The AE2800 is a replacement for the popular LE3800. It's also a drop-in replacement for MEI VFM5S bill downstacker in gaming and amusement applications.

Retail Acceptor of Choice
MEI’s EBDS serial interface has revolutionized the bill acceptor offering to the retail market. With specialized integration tools exclusive to MEI and the ability to remotely download new billsets to the unit, it’s an ideal, cost-effective cash choice for your self-service kiosk, automated retail solution or other unattended POS terminal.

MEI Flashport for Future Flexibility
The AE2800’s re-programmable flash memory enables quick, easy updates of software files such as new currency designs or value coupons.