MEI 4-in-1 Combo Acceptor

The MEI series 2000 4-in-1 validator adds the capability of contactless technology to traditional swipe credit/debit card, bill and coupon acceptance. MEI built on its successful Combo Acceptor product to create an innovative solution designed to provide maximum benefit for vending and amusement operators. This integration of transaction methods in one product offers consumers the broadest choice in payment options. 

*** Please note that the MEI bezel must be connected to an additional device for processing credit cards.  Please contact us for further details and ordering information.


  • Adds the capability of contactless technology, along with traditional swipe method of credit/debit card acceptance.
  • Also accepts bills and MEI promotional coupons

Convenient payment

  • Gives consumers more choices for making purchases by accepting credit cards, debit cards, cash and MEI coupons.
  • Features the MEI series 2000; with over 3 million sold, it’s the industry’s best bill validator .
  • Allows consumers to easily cancel a transaction with the touch of one button

Increases sales and site retention

  • More payment options means fewer consumers walk away due to a lack of cash.
  • Convenience of payment results in greater volume of sales and increased site retention.

Compatible with other systems

  • Existing payment systems
  • Vending management software systems
  • Interfaces with MEI EASITRAX remote data port or equivalent

High-contrast display

  • Easily visible in bright light to darkness for flexible placement
  • Explains all activity with easy-to-read two-line display
  • Operates over full vending temperature range

Installs easily

  • Fits existing mountings where MEI series 2000 full face bill validators are used
  • No additional openings to cut
  • No need to choose between a bill validator and card reader

Resists coins and debris

  • Swipe-style credit card reader and bill path resist inadvertent coin insertion
  • Self-clearing swipe design resists debris