USI Snack Vending Machines
USI Mercato 7000
Mercato 7000
The largest capacity machine in the industry, the all new Mercato 7000 has 7 full size adjustable trays for vending nearly any packaged snack food.
USI Mercato 5000
Mercato 5000
The New Mercato 5000 Snack Vending Machine is the choice for high volume locations. With 15 snack, 18 candy and snack cracker, 2 gum & mint and 5 pastry selections this glass front vending machine has the selections and capacity a large location demands.
USI Mercato 4000
Mercato 4000
The Mercato 4000 Snack Vending Machine comes configured with 12 selections of chips, 16 selections of candy, sandwich cracker, gum & mint, plus 4 pastry selections.
USi Mercato 3000
Mercato 3000
Low cost and big features the Mercato 3000 glass front vending machine an easy choice for first time entrepreneurs or seasoned vending professionals.
USI Mercato 2000
Mercato 2000
For those small locations where space is limited but you still need the capacity and flexibility of a professional snack vending machine.